Habbanhatti - Unveiling the Hidden Charms Near Belgaum

Find a peaceful village called Habbanhatti near Belgaum. It's by the Malaprabha river and is a calm place with a spiritual feel.

See the old Swaymbhu Maruti Temple, where people go to worship. Be amazed by the old Shivalingam and the statue of Lord Hanuman.

Go on a short walk through green forests and hills. Enjoy the untouched beauty of nature around Habbanhatti.

Look around Belgaum city and the areas around it. It's full of beautiful spots that offer a quiet break from busy life.

Have a picnic by the river with your family. It's a beautiful spot to make happy memories together.

Visit the Shri Poonamnath Maharaj math, a place important for religion. Feel the holy feeling in this old place.

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