A Visit to Rakaskop Dam: Belgaum’s Quiet Getaway

Rakaskop Dam is a peaceful place in Belgaum. It was made in 1960 and is next to the Markhandeya River.

Rakaskop means a village of a Rakshasa. There's an old story that Markhandeya's love for the god Shiva gave him a long life.

Rakaskop is where people from Belgaum go to relax. They go there for picnics, to spend time with someone special, or just to enjoy the quiet of nature.

Rakaskop Dam is important because it gives water to Belgaum. It has been holding 0.7 TMC of water since 1960.

The dam is 21 KM away from Belgaum on the Markhandeya River. It helps to control floods and gives water for farming.

The best time to see Rakaskop Dam is after 4 pm from May to September. But it's always beautiful, so you can visit any time.

You can get to Rakaskop Dam by driving 16km from Belgaum on Rakaskop Road.