Baba Falls: A Cool Spot Hidden Near Belgaum

Meet Baba Falls, a cool spot hidden near Belgaum. It’s like a secret world with waterfalls and caves waiting for you in Amboli, Maharashtra.

Go to Baba Falls in the rainy season to see it at its best.

You'll need about an hour or two to check out the falls. If you're really into chilling and taking cool pics, stay for 4-5 hours.

There are not many places to eat or shop close to the falls. Bring your own food. The closest places to eat are 20 km away.

It takes 2 hours to drive 65 km from Belgaum to the falls. You’ll pass through Sulga, Shinoli, and Karwe on the way.

 It’s a short drive, about 1 hour, from Amboli to the falls. Take NH 548H south, through Chaukul to get to Kumbhawade.

People love the beauty of Baba Falls. Enjoy your trip, but take care of the place. Make plans to visit soon!