Discover Gokak Falls - The Niagara of India

Be amazed by the big Gokak Falls, made by the Ghataprabha River. It's 170 feet tall and very beautiful.

You can get to Gokak Falls from cities like Belgaum, Hubballi, and Kolhapur. Make plans to see this natural wonder.

Go see the falls from July to October. They are very impressive in the rainy season.

You can go to Gokak Falls whenever you like. Enjoy the beautiful sunset or the early morning peace.

Find other beautiful spots close to Gokak Falls, like Yogikolla Viewpoint, Godachinamalki Falls and the Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary.

Enjoy good food at restaurants near the falls, like Annapurna Hotel and The Underground Palace. Try the local dishes and meet friendly people.

Take a trip to Gokak Falls for an experience you'll never forget. See the beautiful scenes and make lasting memories.