Best Waterfalls near Belagavi

Here is the list of best waterfall in Belagavi within 50 km that is a must visit this summer.

Jalavane Waterfall

You'll get the best view of your life at Jalavane falls. Distance from Belagavi - 45 km

Betne Waterfall

It is almost 40 km from Belagavi and you have to trek for 12 km to see the beauty of this fall.

Shimbola Waterfall

A paradise for people who love adventure. The fall is almost 50 km from Belagavi and you have to trek for a good 12 km to experience this outstanding fall.

Amboli Waterfall

This fall is almost 70 km from Belagavi and attract a lot of tourists and local. A must visit if you are visiting Belagavi.

Gokak Waterfall

The Gokak waterfall is also known as the Niagara of India and it is just a heavenly place to visit. The fall is almost 68 km from Belagavi.

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