Discovering Yellur Fort: A Hidden Gem in Karnataka’s History

Yellur Fort is a special place in Belgaum, Karnataka. It's very high up and has amazing views with lots of greenery around.

It has a long history. The Ratta Dynasty built it to protect Belgaum Fort. It has seen many battles.

The fort looks great. It has a temple for Lord Shiva and strong walls. You can see old parts of the fort like bastions and small windows.

It's not far from Belgaum, only 17 KM. You can get there by two beautiful roads, Yellur Road and Vadagaon Road.

The best time to go is early morning or evening. You can hang out for an hour or two and enjoy the quiet and the view.

People who visit say it's peaceful, the view is great, and it's kept nice. It's a place you should definitely go to.

Think about going to Yellur Fort for a day. It's a great spot for anyone who likes history or nature.