Regenta Resort

Distance from Belgaum - 12 km Price - ₹4500 Rating - 9/10

This resort is just 4km from VTU and is rated as 8 out of 50 best resorts in Karnataka and best in Belgaum

Distance from Belgaum - 120 km Price - ₹24,000 Rating - 9/10

Cintacor Island Resort

The resort is a bit far from Belgaum, but is one of the best resorts  where you can ahve the best time of your life.

Fairfield by Marriot

Distance from Belgaum - 10 km Price - ₹4,000 Rating - 8.5/10

With 5 star accommodation and facilities, I don't think the price is high at all.

UK 7 The Fern

Distance from Belgaum - 3 km Price - ₹3,500 Rating - 8.5/10

It is the closest resort near Belgaum and was featured in the top 20 best resorts near Belgaum for a weekend. 

Blue Lagoon Resort

Distance from Belgaum - 105 km Price - ₹4,00 Rating - 8.5/10

This resort is in goa and is ranked 2nd out of 50 best resorts in Goa. This is a must visit